How to Get Fuller Lips in 5 Minutes Flat!

Who doesn’t want fuller lips? Ladies, to achieve a plump pout all you need to do is follow these 12 simple steps and I promise, you will notice the difference!

  • Apply freezeframe’s LIP INJECTION all over the lips. This is not only a fantastic primer before lipstick, but get this.. it’s also clinically proven to smooth out lip wrinkles AND make lips appear fuller all at the same time!
  • Use your favourite LIP LINER, preferably something slightly darker than your chosen shade of lipstick. To give the illusion of even bigger lips, over-line the cupids bow, be sure not to overline the sides of the lips (this will create an undesired clown-mouth-effect!). And if that isn’t enough ,you can go one step further and contour the lips, darkening the outer corners of the top and bottom lip – keeping clear of the centre of the lips.
  • Use a lighter LIPSTICK shade over the top of your liner. For extra volume, use a gloss in the centre of your lips and highlight your cupids bow. For even more depth and volume to the lips, use a darker shade of lipstick on the outter corners of the top and bottom lip.

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