Hyper White

Are you self conscious about your freckles and pigmentation?

Well fear no more! With HYPER WHITE, you reduce the appearance of these and even out your skin tone. HYPER WHITE is clinically proven to reduce skin pigmentation and redness in the skin. And you haven’t heard the best part yet.HYPER WHITE not only diminishes and treats existing pigmentation, it is also proven to prevent future pigmentation problems. It also provides enzymatic peeling and powerful moisture enhancement, so there is no need to use moisturiser over your treatment.

How, you ask? freezeframe HYPER WHITE is a powerful formula with a synergistic blend of bio-mimetic peptides and enzymatic peeling agents. It contains enzymes from papaya, ions and amino acids and a natural extract of the Chilean Boldo tree which has been proven in 3 separate clinical trials to slow melanin production by as much as 70%!

It also contains modified titanium dioxide, plus optical brighteners which provide an immediate uniformity and matt appearance to the complexion and it’s clinically proven to unify skin tone and reduce the melanin index by 10.3% in just 10 minutes. All of this means it provides both powerful instant and long term whitening results!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your sunnies, HYPER WHITE and sunscreen and go enjoy the beautiful warm weather.

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