Massage Away The Years

Did you know that facial yoga / massage is one of the best ways to lift and tighten your face naturally?

This is one of our best kept secrets here at freezeframe, as we love combining these massage techniques with the daily use of our products to see maximum results!

Note: It’s really important that when you massage your face that you’re not pulling and tugging at your skin as we don’t want to create wrinkles – we want to promote skin tightening and toning of the facial muscles! And, before you begin with your facial massage – ALWAYS make sure you have completely clean skin and hands!


So why not get a face massage in while you’re cleansing your skin at the same time?! I love to use an electrical facial cleansing brush to cleanse any dirt from the pores of my skin. The vibrations from the electrical brush actually assist in not only removing of stubborn dirt or oil in the skin but also help in restoring skin elasticity because of the frequency of movement in the brush! And by removing those stubborn impurities it makes way for better absorption of topical treatments; such as freezeframe NIGHT cream.

So basically, I like to do my facial massage at night before bed. Right after I have removed all my makeup with the electrical facial cleansing brush, I like to apply a small amount of freezeframe NIGHT cream all over my face. This cream is amazing for adding moisture to dry skin and keeping you looking youthful. It also helps with the facial massage, as the skin is smoother and easier to work with.


Using the tips of your fingers, with little pressure – reenact playing piano keys along the under eye area and forehead. This stimulates the blood circulation around the eyes & forehead and gets rid of any swollenness / puffiness caused by a build up of fat or fluid. Be sure when using this technique that you’re using upward motions, we don’t want to drag the skin down and make it saggy or droopy. And really keep in mind that the pressure we apply around the eyes should be rather soft as the skin around the eye area is quite thin.

Using the same upward-motion, fingertip-tapping technique, massage into the hollows of the cheeks. This time pressing a little more firmly as the skin in this area is thicker. This technique may sound very simple – but what we are actually doing is activating the muscles in the face that hardly get worked out.


Do you have a case of the fallen face? I know I do! The neck and chin tend to want to droop as the years go by. But by using a facial roller / massager you can begin to focus your attention on the jaw line, under chin area & neck to really tighten up those untouched muscles and restore your facial contours for a more chiseled, youthful look.

If you don’t own a facial roller, you can use your thumbs to press and smooth upward from the middle of the chin, along the jaw line and all the way to your ears.

Ladies, just 10-15 minutes of facial massage a day is all you will need to start seeing definition come back into you facial features!

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