24 Hour Beauty with the Ultimate Day & Night Duo

REVITAL DAY & NIGHT is a member of freezeframe’s face solutions range. This amazing cream actually treats your skin day & night for 24 hours of skin protection & renewal. This dual skincare treatment provides an intense hydration to soften, firm & smooth the skin and visibly reduces wrinkles – by up to an astounding 100% in some cases!

The DAY cream is a CC cream  formulated with encapsulated beads that work to instantly cover & correct, giving an even squinting, reducing redness and pigmentation, and making your skin feel firmer and more youthful –  The cream also works its magic on wrinkles to give you anti aging benefits as well!

The NIGHT cream works to plump up skin cells, fill in wrinkles, and help your skin improve its ability to lock in moisture. This prevents your skin from drying out and gives you a more fresh faced appearance. It’s also clinically proven to reduce pigmentaion and give you a bright, even skin tone. It even reduces pore size! 

REVITAL DAY & NIGHT is an all-in-one skincare product that will give you real results from DAY until NIGHT. Consider this product as a way of looking after your skin, just as you would look after your body and what you ingest. Skincare is just as important as internal health and we need to think of a day & night cream as an essential daily treatment for the skin.

I never forget to use my freezeframe REVITAL DAY & NIGHT cream as I feel this is just as important as my daily outfit and I can’t leave home without it.


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