Why ROSEHIP PRO is so much better than regular rosehip oil

Why pay more than a regular rosehip oil? For results!

If all you want is a moisturiser and some basic antioxidant protection, then a regular Rosehip oil will do just fine. Save your money and choose a lower priced brand. But if you want to make a real change to your skin or your hair, then choose the clinically formulated, clinically proven blend of the most potent oils on the planet. From Australia’s leading clinical brand – freezeframe.

Here are 8 important reasons why ROSEHIP PRO is better if you are looking for a natural treatment that delivers multiple clinically proven results


Regular Rosehip Oil cannot whiten complexion or even out skin tone. ROSEHIP PRO is clinically proven to do so. It both reduces and protects against skin darkening, dark spots and pigmentation


Regular Rosehip Oil cannot help hair grow longer and thicker. ROSEHIP PRO is clinically proven to stimulate hair follicles, protect against heat and UV damage, and give beautiful shine to hair.


Regular Rosehip Oil does have some benefits for wrinkles due to its content of transretinoic acid (a natural Form of Vitamin A). But ROSEHIP PRO contains 3 x more trans retinoic acid than regular rosehip oil, plus powerful firming oils. It also contains clinical levels of a powerful ayurvedic herb, which is proven to stimulate stem cells & growth factors, and reduce wrinkles in 7 days!


Regular rosehip oil can have a mild effect on scars due to the transretinoic acid, but again ROSEHIP PRO has a far more powerful effect due to the higher content. Plus, our powerful ayurvedic herb uses stem cell stimulation to literally rebuild damaged skin, with fantastic results on both scars and stretch marks. (Rosehip oil alone does not work on stretch marks)


Regular rosehip oil cannot protect from pollution damage – now thought to be the biggest ager of our time. ROSEHIP PRO contains Lipochroman, a powerful active related to the tocopherol family, which is proven to protect against over 99% of the skin damaging effects of pollution


There is no rosehip formula with a more powerful blend of antioxidants. 


Whilst important, antioxidants do not protect against free radical damage. (no, it’s not the same thing – an antioxidant suppresses oxidation. Free Radical Scavengers prevent damage from either ROS Radical Oxygen Species or RNS Radical Nitrogen Species.) Regular Rosehip Oil cannot protect against many free radical age accelerators. Nitrogen based free radicals are often ignored in skincare but are extremely important as they cause dark spots and pigmentation. The powerful active Lipochroman protects against both of these free radical species, and also protects the potency of the oils ensuring they stay powerful & active.


Whilst regular rosehip oil does contain essential fatty acids, they do not contain Inca Inchi – the most potent plant source of Omega 3 ever discovered.

ROSEHIP PRO is 100% active. It is one of the most cost effective, high powered cosmeceutical treatments available. Isn’t the health of your skin worth it?

PS – PRO TIP: Oils are superior carriers of actives. Use before (or mix into) your targeted freezeframe treatment and you’ll enhance delivery & results! 

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