Denim on Denim

1. CAP: Chambray Denim Cap – – $19.95

2. JEANS: Super Skinny Low Ripped Jeans – – $59.95

3. POWDER: Brilliant Strobe Light Powder – – $57.00


5. SNEAKERS: Authentic Pro Vans – – $60.00

6. PARKA: Liana Denim Parka – – $99.99

7. T-SHIRT: Glamping Slogan Tee – – $39.95

8. EYE SHADOW: Radium Eyeshadow – – $31.00

9. SUNGLASSES: Epokhe Anteka Black – – $190.00

You too can achieve that celeb denim on denim look! It’s super easy and can be simply paired with heels to take this look from day-time casual to night-time glam! The trick is to try to keep the denims in the same colour family – that way the outfit will have a sense of harmony to it.

Check out some of the celebs who rock this look!!

Now don’t forget – it is also very easy to get the denim on denim look completely wrong. It’s all about keeping it simple – don’t try to add too many frills to this look as it’s all about keeping it effortless looking.

Check out a major Hollywood Red Carpet outfit FAIL – by Katy Perry & Riff Raff, Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake.

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