Legs for Days

Having smooth & slim looking legs can sometimes be a struggle with bruises, cellulite, dry skin and stretch marks!

There is nothing better than a pair of smooth silky toned shiny legs in a pair of cute shorts or mini skirt for your summer outings, but I feel like over the Winter we tend to neglect and stop caring about our bodies.

With this neglect comes super dry legs, and myself having lost a bit of weight – my stretch marks are a bit more noticeable and I have started to develop some cellulite on the back of my upper thighs too.

This summer I’ve really decided to step it up and get my legs in tip top shape for the season using the freezeframe body solutions range.

My first saviour… FAT BURNER! This product is probably one of my favourite freezeframe products and this is why: I put it on every single time I come out of the shower, why you ask? Uh because it simply feels amazing and is intensely hydrating. Being a dry oil, I also don’t feel like I’ve just rolled around in a pool of olive oil!

Apart from the fact of this product makes me want to roll around in my sheets all day feeling my silky smooth legs – but it also helps you burn fat! Omg what? Yes, how can a product even do that right? Well FAT BURNER is packed full of pink pepper slim which has been proven to stimulate lipolysis and micro-circulation and metabolised fats up to 1000% more effectively.

Apart from using this treatment daily, I also use it on special occasion just as I am about to leave the house, it gives your legs or even your whole body an all over even glisten and looks stunning over a fake tan!

The next product is use is LIPOSLIM! I am not all that worried about my cellulite as its still quite minor however when I’m wearing a cute pair of shorts I want to make sure I have even skin without little bumps everywhere.

LIPOSLIM is amazing because it has an instant and long term effect. Within just 10 minutes of applying the product I can already see a noticeable difference in the appearance of my skin.

LIPOSLIM works to perform a deep smoothing action and is clinically proven to reduce fat pockets and can make you look up to 4.5 cm’s slimmer! With a tri-ball massage head design aids in penetration and microcirculation for an instant skin smoothing effect as well as a fat blasting action. LIPOSLIM is literally a miracle in a bottle!
My last secret to sexy legs is stem cell STRETCH MARK ERASER. Whilst I also use this product on my arms, tummy and love handles it also works wonders for my legs! This wonder product is clinically proven to repair both new and old stretch marks as well as preventing new stretch marks from forming!

This product has been proven to reduce the appearance of new stretch marks by up to 92% and an unprecedented 94% reduction for old stretch marks.

After about 1 month I have started to see the difference around my hips and thighs with the marks become increasingly lighter! So I’m going to keep using this one and look forward to letting you guys know just how effective it is!

So there you have it – 3 simple but incredible products bound to give to drop dead gorgeous legs that belong on the Victoria secrets runway!

Body Solutions


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Body Solutions

Liposlim 100ml

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