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how to get your tummy bikini ready over winter

How to get your tummy bikini ready over winter

Exercises to get a flat stomach (and a few other secret weapons)

As you hibernate over winter under chunky knits and puffer jackets, it can be easy to forget that you might ever want to bare your mid-section again when summer comes around. But the truth is that getting and keeping your tummy bikini ready needs to happen over winter.

Here’s some of our top exercises for a flat stomach, together with diet tips and Freeze Frame’s secret weapon to have you proudly strutting your stuff in a bikini once summer rolls around again.

Our top tummy toning moves

You might not be able to spot reduce belly fat, but you can strengthen and tone the underlying muscles, which can help the appearance of your tummy. Stronger core muscles improve your posture creating a leaner look, and with the added bonus of a strong core preventing injuries.

Here’s some of our favourite tummy exercises that you can fit into your weekly schedule:

  • Crunches: There’s a range of crunch-moves to target different abdominal muscles. Try crunches on a stability ball, or reverse crunches off a bench to work a range of different muscles.
  • Plank it: Work on your stamina holding a traditional plank, then expand out to side-planks, push-up walkouts, Superman holds on alternating arm and leg, and other variations. Ready to go to the next level? Try holding a plank on a BOSU ball!

Twists: Define your waistline with twisting moves to work your oblique muscles. Try opposite elbow to opposite knee crunches, Russian twists using a medicine ball, or for something a bit more fun, get your hula hoop out of storage!

Comfort food without the consequences

We know, we know. Cold weather has you reaching for the mashed potato enriched with lashings of butter and cream, followed by a chaser of hot apple pie.

But the good news is that we’ve got ideas for warm and comforting winter meals that won’t have you growing a lovely muffin top during your hibernation!

Here’s some of our hit list of winter warmers that will help get your tummy bikini ready:

  • Soups: Whether you like a smooth veggie blend or a chunky soup filled with good stuff, soup is a comforting winter classic that doesn’t have to result in a spare tyre. Start with a quality broth, and use a mix of low-carb vegetables to fill you up, warm your soul, and satisfy that comfort craving.
  • Mash: Yep, we said mash. But not potatoes! There’s heaps of other vegetables that can make a smooth and creamy mash to enjoy with your winter casseroles, or just in a bowl by itself, without the guilt factor. Try creamy cauliflower either by itself or with added bulk from cannellini beans. Other great mash alternatives include turnips, sweet potatoes, broccoli, celeriac, pumpkin and parsnips.
  • Roasted veggies: Struggling to choke down a salad, but needing to get your veg intake up? Why not try roasting your veggies? Loads of vegetables you wouldn’t traditionally think of roasting take on a whole new world of flavour when cooked in the oven, like broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, and even green beans. And there’s the added bonus of the heat from the oven helping to warm your home!

Stewed fruits: Of course, we understand the desire for something sweet over winter. But it doesn’t need to be in the form of chocolate self-saucing pudding or pastry-laden desserts. Simple stewed fruits such as apples or berries are naturally sweet and when gently simmered with spices such as cinnamon can satisfy cravings for a sweet treat without elevating your blood sugar levels or delivering you a fat bomb.

Your secret tummy tightening weapon

Doing all the right things but just need a bit of help to take your results to the next level? Enter Freeze Frame Tummy Tuck from stage right!

Tummy Tuck is a body contouring cream that mimics the visual effect of exercise. It heats your skin to help make your skin appear tighter and your muscles appear more toned. In clinical trials, participants showed up to a 9 cm visible reduction in just 28 days. Using Tummy Tuck alone achieved better results than exercise alone, with the best results achieved by combining Tummy Tuck and exercise!

So if you want to get more bang from your exercising buck, adding a body contouring cream like Tummy Tuck to your regime can really help to boost your results and get you that bikini-baring tummy you’ve been hoping for.

Over to you

What are your favourite tummy-toning tips?

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