Be assured that you are buying authentic freezeframe®

Self Care Corporation prides itself on the quality and efficacy of its premium clinical skincare products.

freezeframe® products contain innovative, clinically-proven ingredients and are produced in world-class manufacturing facilities with strict quality control.

When you buy authentic freezeframe® products, you know you are getting top quality clinical skincare that delivers results. Imitation freezeframe® products will not deliver on quality and efficacy as authentic freezeframe® products do and, at worst, could cause irritation to the skin.

Self Care Corporation is taking a proactive approach to protecting its brand and high-quality products with the introduction of innovative brand protection technology.

How to check your freezeframe® product is authentic

The Scan freezeframe® mobile App utilises cutting-edge technology that allows customers to easily scan a product and immediately identify if it is authentic. The technology is embedded in the packaging and cannot be replicated.

The App technology is being rolled out across the freezeframe® range during 2018.

It is important to understand there will be a period when both the old packaging (without brand protection technology) and the new brand protection technology packaging will be in market. It is most likely that the product you have is authentic; however, if consumers find that a purchased product does not scan, they should contact freezeframe® for assistance at

Further tips to ensure your product is authentic

In addition to using the Scan freezeframe® App to identify authentic products, please watch out for:

  • Hugely discounted or very low-priced products
  • Packaging with spelling errors or of a poor quality.

Self Care encourages consumers to always purchase its products from an authorised freezeframe® stockist to ensure authenticity and quality. If you have any concerns about a product, please contact our Customer Service department by email:

How to use the Scan freezeframe® App

  • Download the Scan freezeframe® from Apple App Store (for iOS devices) or Android App store.
  • Open Scan freezeframe® App on your mobile phone
  • Follow instructional prompts on the screen
  • Use scan guidelines prior to scanning
  • Ensure you have adequate light, or use your mobile phone torch
  • Scan and wait for verification response

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Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains answers to common questions relating to the Scan freezeframe® App, which is used for verifying the authenticity of technology-enabled freezeframe® labels. If you have any feedback or questions about the App or scan results, please contact us at

About the Scan freezeframe® App

The Scan freezeframe® App uses a world-leading scanning technology to recognise and verify authentic freezeframe® packaging and labels. This cutting-edge technology cannot be replicated.

All customers need to do is download the App and scan a freezeframe® product. The App will then tell the customer whether it is real or not.

Does the label scan result provide definitive confirmation of freezeframe product label authenticity?

Yes, a positive scan result confirms freezeframe label authenticity. The scan technology cannot be replicated. You will receive a message that says: ‘Marked and Valid’

How do I know if the product I have bought has the technology applied?

We have prioritised our #1 selling product, freezeframe® Revitaleyes, to include this technology first. This new anti-counterfeit technology packaging will be in market in April 2018 worldwide.

We will then roll out the technology to the packaging across other packs. You can see an up-to-date rollout schedule here. (include page and link to product listing

What if I have a freezeframe® product that doesn't have a positive scan?

Your freezeframe® product is most likely authentic but you can contact us here to confirm. In the changeover period while we are moving to the new packaging, there may be both the old (no scan) and new (scannable) packaging in market.

On which devices can I install the Scan freezeframe® App?

Currently Apple iPhones using iOS 8 and above and Android phones using 5.0 and above.

I’m having problems scanning the pack. How do I get the pack to scan?

For best scan results, please follow these usage tips:

  • Minimise shaking of both the camera and product
  • Rest product on steady surface such as a table or shelf
  • Follow the on screen advice when lining up the scan
  • Scan in a well-lit space – or use your smartphone torch

If you cannot get a confirmation scan reading please contact Customer Service at

I’ve scanned a specific freezeframe® product label multiple times and received different scan confirmation results. What does this mean?

Different scan results may occur if the container is moving or shaking. For best scan results, please see the usage tips outlined above. If, after following the usage tips, you are still receiving different scan confirmation results, we ask that you share details of this experience by emailing

After scanning my freezeframe® product label icon, the app provided the message “Not Marked”. What does this mean?

The app was unable to verify the authenticity of the freezeframe® product label you scanned. Please provide us more information about the product by emailing

The product I have appears to be inauthentic. What should I do? Can I get this product replaced?

Please contact us by emailing . Once we have key details we will be able to communicate how best to proceed.

Which freezeframe® products have the new technology?

For a list of products that contain the scannable icon on the packaging, check out our this page. Please note, there will also be a period where some label versions of a product (e.g. freezeframe® Revitaleyes) will contain the icon, while others will not. Please continue to check the website and the list of products and label codes.

Does this app verify the contents inside my freezeframe® product container?

This App is designed to recognise and verify authentic freezeframe® boxes only. This App cannot guarantee the product within a freezeframe® container that has been verified by this App.