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What should I include in my daily skin care routine?

What should I include in my daily skin care routine? The best daily skin care routine for healthy skin The alarm goes off. It’s time to head to your gym class. You arrive home from the gym, jump in the shower, and give your face a quick wash. Apply some moisturiser before your make-up for […]

A Night To Remember

It’s no surprise that the saying: “I need my beauty sleep”, is a commonly used phrase as scientific evidence points out the beauty benefits of getting a good night’s sleep – from combating dull skin, fine lines & wrinkles and premature signs of aging. During your well-deserved resting period, not only does your body and […]

Mr Neo Luxe – NIGHT review

Mr Neo Luxe is a Sydney lifestyle blogger who specialises in beauty, grooming, travel & so much more. Recently Mr Neo Luxe travelled overseas and whilst he was away, he gave freezeframe NIGHT a whirl and absolutely LOVED his results! “My skin looks amazing” – he said. Here’s what else he had to say: Check […]

Do You Look Older in the Winter?

I’ve never liked the cold, but I like it even less this year as I’ve noticed the dry air and heating are not being kind to my skin. My Secret – NIGHT by freezeframe I’ve started using it both day and night. It’s a great makeup base, providing a super smooth finish – filling in […]