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Review: freezeframe REVITALEYES eye gel

Remember freezeframe with INHIBOX? It made a big splash in South Africa a few years back when it launched at Dis-Chem. It was one of the first topical products to contain a safe skin tightening agent that after drying on your skin, would shrink up to create a more taught-looking complexion.   I once saw […]

All Eyes On Me

I’m now into my 3rd week at freezeframe and have been busily familiarising myself with the fabulous portfolio, which has been great for my own knowledge. My favourite skin care solution by far is REVITALEYES which I use in conjunction with the new NIGHT cream as part of my beauty sleep regime. I’ve never used […]

My Beauty Routine Hero’s

1. REVITALEYES – I can’t live without this wonder eye treatment that de-puffs and smoothes away fine lines instantly! I am an eye cream junkie, I have tried just about every eye treatment under the sun; from balms to gels & all sorts of creams that are available on the market that claim to work […]

The All NEW freezeframe REVITALEYES MASK

Masks are definitely my favourite type of skincare product as it enhances my skincare routine and give it more intensive results. I am always on the lookout for new masks on the market especially ones that are designed for targeted areas. From a very young age I have always had dark circles and puffiness which […]

Triple Threat

Puffiness, bags and crow’s feet are the triple threat that every girl frets! Unfortunately these things are inevitable, but that doesn’t mean we have to except defeat! The magicians at freezeframe have formulated a heavy duty, action packed formula to target not one but all three of these issues head on. With both an instant […]

You Won’t Believe Your Eyes

Bags/puffiness/dark circles and wrinkles are 4 common unsightly problems that make us look 80% older than we actually are. Both men and women start to see the signs of these problems in our early twenties, and if left untreated these agers can turn into serious beauty problems that make us look old and let’s face […]